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The Behavioral View

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Jun 28, 2022

In this episode of The Behavioral View, Karin Torsiello, BCBA , President of Behavior Basics, Incorporated, joins the panel to discuss her team’s approach to working with families affected by trauma, mental health concerns, and abuse. By integrating their services within a larger interdisciplinary approach, Behavior Basics has been able to utilize a BST approach to parent training , which has enjoyed great success working with parents who are at risk for child removal or who are working toward reunification. In addition to reducing recidivism, they have been able to demonstrate cost savings for the state. The panel discusses service needs, applicability of behavior analysis to this population, funding streams, training needs, and future research directions. 

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Show Notes


Berry, J. O., & Jones, W. H. (1995). The Parental Stress Scale: Initial Psychometric Evidence. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships12(3), 463–472.


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