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Jul 20, 2023

Dr. Camille Kolu is passionate about preventing harm through behavior analysis and listening to the stories folks share about their experience. As a behavioral scientist in Colorado, Kolu owns Cusp Emergence, a private practice joining families, universities, hospitals, schools, and agencies of all kinds to engineer behavioral cusps for individuals, their loved ones, or their communities. Through Cusp Emergence University she provides continuing education enabling behavioral providers, teachers, and therapists of all kinds to level up their practices in taking trauma into account in measurable, informative, and compassionate ways. Kolu trained at University of North Texas and Rutgers University examining autism, contextual conditioning, and their neurobiology, and has published her work in peer reviewed journals. She is the author of the SAFE-T Model, which urges behavior analysts toward providing better supervision and support, assessment of risks, and analysis of historical functions of behavior, when trauma has played a role in someone’s life.

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Cusp Emergence uses a compassionate constructional approach to facilitate new behaviors, repertoires, and interaction patterns. We collaborate with clients to engineer changes and challenges that improve the behavioral wellness of individuals, families, teams and organizations, and communities.

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